How to limit Data Consumption on Windows 10 PC

How to limit Data Consumption on Windows 10 PC

Software giants, Microsoft released the first version of Windows 10 in July 2015 which is a successor to Windows 8.1. Windows 10 brought about better enhancements and stability as well as lots of features that users have come to enjoy. Windows 10 runs apps just like Smartphones and is more user friendly than its predecessor, Windows 8.1.

Microsoft has no intention of releasing another Windows at least for now. So, in order to keep Windows 10 features running smoothly, there’s need for regular update.
These updates include security updates, feature updates, driver updates and other important updates to keep the Windows running efficiently. And the updates run in the background while your computer is connected to the internet. Most times, these updates can slow down the computer and sometimes can cause the computer to function abnormally if the updates are interrupted during installation.

Unlike in Windows 7, where user can decide to turn off these updates due to limited mobile data, users do not have the option to turn off updates on Windows 10. The only option is to pause updates for a certain number of days after which the Windows will resume updates automatically. This is because Microsoft made updates on Windows 10 compulsory.

However, there’s a way to stop updates forcefully on Windows 10, i.e. by disabling the update on services which some people may recommend, but it is not advisable to do that and doing so may prevent the Windows from behaving normally. So I wouldn’t recommend you go through that step.

However, in this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how you can limit your Windows 10 PC from consuming your data in the background when you’re using your mobile network or WiFi with limited subscription.

Follow these steps below:

Step 1: Connect to a Network

Connect to your network

Step 2: Enter the network password

Enter your network password and connect

Step 3: Click Properties under your connected network

Click on Properties under your connected network

Step 4: Toggle “meter connection” to turn it on

meter connection is Off by default
Toggle it On to meter your connection

By metering your connection, you are telling the computer that you are using a limited data and that will stop consuming your data.

Follow the same steps for any limited WiFi network you want to manage on your Windows 10 computer.

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